Encaustic Twinchies

My twinchies today are for the Artful Times Challenge Blog.  A “twinchie” is a tiny piece of art that measures two inches by two inches square.  A more extensive description can be found on the Stamphenge blog.  I don’t have many photos of the process because it all happened very spontaneously early this morning after watching the latest Ben Hecht Youtube video, a truly amazing encaustic artist.

I started with a eight by eight inch piece of chipboard with a sheet of 7gypsies Global scrapbook paper glued to the top.  I then covered the surface with a couple coats of encaustic medium, let set, and cut into two inch squares.  Then out came the antique crayons (I’ve been hoarding my crayons for a very long time).  Using my Clover heating tool, I melted various colors of crayons and applied them to each square, then set the color by blowing with my heat tool.  Here is what I ended up with:


Then I wanted to see if I could create some dimension just by moving the color around by tipping the chipboard and making the medium run.

DSC_0016 DSC_0017

I added some embossing powder, heated and moved the tile while it solidified.  I like the result.


One of the great things about working with with waxy medium is the fact that you can carve into it as well as stamp on it.  So then I had to breakout the stamps and carving tools.


I couldn’t pass up embedding items into it.



I love micro-beads, so of course they were next.

DSC_0012 DSC_0011

If it looks this great with micro-beads, then wouldn’t it be even better with seed beads and mica?  Of course!


DSC_0004 DSC_0003

Surely more would be even better!

DSC_0009 DSC_0007Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for stopping by!

About Sam

A lover of crafts and art trapped in the mind of an accountant. My dream is to someday be set free of the cubicle prison. Meanwhile, I craft and I create to set my mind free.
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8 Responses to Encaustic Twinchies

  1. Voodoo Vixen says:

    Oh these are so lovely! I love that you have explained your process too… (she says searching in her desk for some old crayons) and just explored the range of things to add!

  2. Zoe Brener says:

    Wow! So much work! If you think not many people quill, then hardly anyone does encaustic work – I only just learned this term recently. Wonderful twinchies and thank you for a generous tutorial.

  3. OMG! How awesome are your experiments turned art~! I love how you’re not afraid to push or try just one more thing and then to just keep going. I would have never thought of using crayons to try encaustic art. You are Brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your wonderful work!

    • Sam says:

      Thank you Kimberly – you’re too kind. Crayons for pigment in encaustic was certainly not my idea – but I’m happy to take credit for it. 😉

  4. dominodiva says:

    Wow, looks as if you had fun! Isn’t it wonderful when you “play” like that and it turns into “art”. Fab results and I think I will join Annette in a search for some wax crayons. These are lovely.
    Thanks for joining us at Artful Times.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Ooooh, wow! Great artwork!

  6. Sylv says:

    Fabulous twinchies, love the colours and the wonderful textures and technique used.

    Sylv xx

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